Mick Rhodes and the Hard Eight have been described as AC/DC meets Lucinda Williams, then goes out on a bender with Paul Westerberg, only to find itself at a late night diner with Tom Petty, when out of the blue Ron Sexsmith sits down for pie, and they all somehow end up at Little Richard’s hotel room listening to the Faces, watching the sun come up.

There are no boundaries to what MR8 does; Songs that would not be out of place in a southern rocker’s set share space with others that would work just fine in Laurel Canyon of the 1970s. Lush three-part harmonies coexist with raucous fuzz guitar, and strings and cello share space with empty whiskey bottle percussion.

MR8’s acclaimed new record, “Paradise City,” is out now, and features guest spots from Rick Shea (Dave Alvin, Wanda Jackson) Danny Ott (Dave Alvin, Chris Gaffney and the Cold Hard Facts), John McKnight (Fishbone), Solid Ray Woods (Jayhawks) and Roger “King” Ehrnman (Stan West Band).

Mick Rhodes and the Hard Eight is Wyman Reese on keys and guitar, John Sleeger on bass and vocals, Brian Wells on drums and percussion and Mick Rhodes on electric and acoustic guitars and lead vocals.

Both “Paradise City” and the band’s 2010 debut, “’Til I am Dust,” are available on Hot Tramp Records, Amazon, iTunes, etc., and at discriminating record stores.

Look for Mick Rhodes and the Hard Eight this summer and fall as they hit the road to promote “Paradise City.”