Mick Rhodes and the Hard Eight hail from the arid desert region east of Los Angeles, just close enough to the city to venture in and take what they need from the town of tinsel, leave the rest behind, and return to their outlying creative hub to plot their next record or tour.

Wishing You Well,” the first video from MR8’s third record, “III,” is out now. Check MR8’s YouTube channel,, for 13 more videos that will be released in the coming days and weeks.

Thriving outside the mainstream for the past 14 years has helped MR8 develop into one of the country’s best live bands. The group’s first two records, “’Til I am Dust,” and “Paradise City,” earned raves for their eclectic take on Americana, country, soul, blues and rock, with the single “Married Girls” appearing on several critics’ song-of-the-year lists.

MR8’s reputation as a fearsome live unit has helped it land invitations to play to thousands at arena shows, and to regular gigs at well-known Southern California venues like Pappy and Harriet’s, the Redwood, the Echo, and the Cinema Bar. The band tours the West regularly, with shows in Texas, Arizona, Nevada and Northern California.

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