MR8 to release TWO new records this summer!

Mick Rhodes and the Hard Eight are either marketing geniuses, or crazy. Regardless, they’re going ahead and releasing not just the long-awaited followup to 2016’s critically acclaimed “Paradise City,” but a companion album as well. Work is nearly complete on the pair of records, which will be released before summer is out on Hot Tramp Records. 

The band has recorded more than 24 new tunes, ranging from pop confection “Looks Like You’re Falling in Love,” to “When a Man Turns to Whisky”‘s spaghetti western Americana. 

The band will begin releasing lyric videos for every one of the tracks in a few weeks, culminating with the digital release of both records. 

Meanwhile, MR8 is also back to its busy live performance schedule, with appearances at festivals, clubs and breweries. 

Stay tuned for a release schedule soon!